Adult Orthodontics

Adult orthodontics is a major discipline of orthodontics and is performed on more adults every year. Although orthodontic treatment is best provided in the early years of adolescence, this does not mean that adults cannot get their teeth straightened and jaw deformities corrected later in life.

Adult Orthodontics vs. Pediatric Orthodontics

The key difference between adult and pediatric orthodontics is the relative ease with which the jaws can be modified in the early years. In adults, although we can move teeth relatively easily, since the patient is not growing, it is not possible to adjust the jaw width of size. With adult treatment, it may take a bit longer to adjust to the braces.

Fortunately, the end result will probably be just as good as with a child. More often than not, all patients undergoing adult orthodontic treatment do so voluntarily, (unlike some children), so their attitude is more positive, which tends to offset the discomfort.

Orthodontic appliances are getting better with modern technology. There are things such as special headgear, bionators and palatal expansion devices. As technology improves, these devices are also becoming smaller, less troublesome and more effective.

One particularly well known orthodontic device is a type of invisible braces known as Invisalign. These are braces are made of clear medical grade plastic that is nearly invisible when fitted. (Seen in place, to the right.)

The method takes advantage of the latest in computer imaging and fabrication technology to produce a series of appliances that correct teeth in small steps, from where they are today to where they will finally be.

Instead of using wires and brackets to hold the tooth and move them into the desired positions, Invisalign achieves the correction with help of tooth-colored attachments and rubber bands. In the past, Invisalign was only considered ideal for relatively minor corrections, such as rotations, cross bites and such. However, today, we can correct underbites and overbites, along with many other problems with Invisalign.

If you decide to investigate the Invisalign form of braces, you need to be careful that your orthodontist is a certified Invisalign specialist. This ensures that he or she has been specially trained to provide this type of care.

This is especially important because the very essence of Invisalign treatment lies in accurate measurement and careful ordering of the set of appliances.

Many adults have profited greatly from adult orthodontic treatment. They have gained in health and quality of life. Isn't it time that you considered this for yourself as well?

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